Friday, December 5, 2008

Writing Tool For The Writer/Virtual Office - Zoho

I was searching for local writing groups and came across an ad in my area. I responded to the ad. The advertiser wished to start a writing group in our area but because of people's different schedules, etc. decided against the idea and instead came up with a new idea.

She now wished to begin an online writing group which I thought was a better idea.
She e-mailed me a link to where we could meet, discuss, share our work, and thoughts online.

I signed up at the link she suggested.

So what's this mysterious link I've been talking about you ask?

Zoho is a place where one can organize most of one's items very easily. In short, it's a handy organizer. Zoho offers the free membership or the paid membership.
In Zoho Personal there are applications that one can add to or delete.

The applications include the following:

* Mail
* Calendar
* Documents
* Desktop
* Writer
* Sheet
* Show
* Wiki
* Tasks
* Notes
* Links
* Contacts
* Notebook
* Meeting

With Zoho you won't miss a deadline again or forget where you put that cover or query letter. You can keep track of all your writing projects in one neat place.

I have yet to try out all the apps. But am happy with what I have tried out so far.

Bless this fellow writer for posting the useful, helpful link.

If you're in need of a great organizer, than the link is defo worth the visit!