Friday, June 6, 2008

Travel Guides, Travel Brochures

For the last month and a half I have been receiving travel guides and brochures that I signed up for in the mail. I have received info. on such places as Wyoming, Colorado, California, Manitoba, and most recently Maui. Some of the contents include:
"Calendar of Events," "Things To Do," "Places To See," "Tips," and such. Most of the travel articles are great but the photos are awesome, captivating, beautiful. I signed up for the items because I would like to include travel writing in my freelance career. The guides are a starting point as well as some of the travel websites I have recently visited to get ideas on how to travel write.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Upon checking my mailbox this morning, I discovered a small neat envelope addressed to me from North Carolina. The envelope's contents? A birthday card from the place where I am a virtual volunteer. I thought how nice. The card has a yellow border with blue lettering for the greeting. A monarch floats just above a white daisy. The card has a green background inside. On the left hand corner is a religious scripture. On the right hand is a beautiful lake scene with red verse underneath and the signatures.

Hot Dog Hunt

Hubby and I agreed to have hot dogs for supper two nights ago. I went to our local 7-11 to buy the hot dogs. None were available. I walked over to the Husky gas station and none were available there either. And so our journey began. So now we're in the vehicle heading over to Shopper's Drug Mart. This time we secured the hot dogs but no hot dog buns, over to the other 7-11 across the street. No hot dog buns in sight just hamburger buns - no good, (I did manage to pick up our drink.) Back to our area for the hot dog buns. Bingo hot dog buns and a few candies in the bag! That was an interesting hunt.