Friday, May 16, 2008

Eco Fair, Earth

I just finished dropping off my offspring's lunch at school and I noticed a flyer that mentioned the school is going to have an Eco Fair on the first week of June, which will include guest speakers and drawings. It is refreshing to see that the students are being taught about Mother Earth. We did not create Mother Earth but she was placed here for us to sustain and support so young and old should help to keep her vital and vibrant. And you just never know if we get other-worldly visitors; so we should stand proud and say "This is our Earth and we're proud of it!"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Ursi's Eso Garden Your Competent Esoteric Guide" Heads Up

When I was searching for some paranormal info. I came across "Ursi's Eso Garden Your Competent Esoteric Guide." This is the first blog I ever found. It captured my attention immediately. Ursi's blog is green with pink highlights. The header picture is of a beautiful pink flower. On this particular blog there are such topics as "Angels & Heaven" right down to "Yoga & Fitness." This blog is highly packed with interesting info. Other features include videos, links, poetry, articles, pictures, amazing art, and a whole lot of other features. Ursi has very regular posts.

You may find the link here:
Ursi also has another blog titled "Ursi's Blog Fine Things For Your Delight" This blog is dressed in white and blue and has water droplets for the header picture. It runs along the same lines as the first blog. This blog is an extensive collection of general knowledge material.

You may find the link here:
I enjoy the fact that both blogs use calming colors and have so much to offer.

Just thought I'd share my two favourite blogs with you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Church Service

Mother's Day - a day to celebrate mothers which originated in ancient Greece, how wonderful a day.

For Mother's Day I attended a church service with a live four person band who performed beautiful music. The pastor delivered his speech including such references to pearls and diamonds. The pastor then gave out "The New Testament" written in plain english mind you. Afterward a nice dinner of chicken, veg., and potatoes followed. During this dinner however, draws were made. Guess what? I won a draw. My prize is a gift certificate to a certain mall. Not bad for someone who barely wins any draws.

I just wanted to share my experience of something I have not done on any previous holiday and I did enjoy trying something new.

Hope everyone else's Mother's Day was great for you too!!!


One name. Susan Gregg. She is a talented awesome lady. Awhile back when I was searching to post interesting items on another Piczo site I operate besides Island Whispers, I found Susan's site. I was searching for healing items and found it at her site. I looked around her site and signed up to receive her newsletter and daily inspirational emails. I'm glad I did for the emails prompted me to write more seriously. If you haven't yet heard of Dr. Susan Gregg, then I encourage you to take a peek at her site: Susan has a nice yellow friendly inviting homepage. Dr. Susan Gregg is based in Kurtistown, Hawaii. She has books, articles, classes, tapes, cd's, links, photos, workshops, and etc. She is a teacher, blogger, author, healer, and meditater. Her blog can be found at!

Welcome To Island Whispers Blog

A hearty good morning, afternoon, or evening to you. Welcome to Island Whispers Blog. Please vacation here for a short while but always make sure you come on back. There is a plethora of panoramic views. Here, the weather is always sunny and cheery.

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Take you time and walk through the Island posts or if you're in a hurry you may even fly through, but always always embrace the rich wilderness, culture, and heritage at Island Whispers. Perk your ears and listen for all the island whispers.

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