Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Junk Mail Jellie

Jellie Jardine’s ears tingled. Rolling over in bed she recognized the loud clank. Rising out of bed she tossed on her fluffy green robe and walked to the front door. With the husky-wolf pup just behind her she opened the door, reached around and slipped her hand into the box. Quickly she snatched up whatever the mail carrier brought her for the day. The stack in hand, Jellie closed the door and immediately begun sorting the mail. Bills, personal letters, junk mail. The bills and letters carted to the kitchen table while the junk mail got tossed into the trash with no further thought. Jellie went over to put coffee on so she could sit at her cherry wood table and read her newspaper and her mail.

The above scenario is common. Perhaps it’s even you. Jellie hates junk mail. You hate junk mail. But somewhere amongst that heap of junk mail is a stamp ahem “gem.” Interesting factual information can be gleaned from the pile o’ papers. Fashion trends, hairstyles, makeup applications, business opportunities (such as the new company not yet online who could use a web designer or content writer,) pricing, advertising how to, and new products for review can be pulled from the “ waste of paper and ink,” which can lead to a whole package of article ideas.

I gave you the beginning of a story. You can fill in your own middle and end. As a forethought though, just how will the story end? Will Jellie continue to throw away or recycle the flyers/unwanted mail without even glancing at them or will she take a closer inspection one day and find something no matter how small or seemingly insignificant she thinks it is file it away and put it to another use later?