Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garage Sale

Two days ago I went to a community center garage sale looking for good bargains on items. I went with my offspring. We were looking around when I spotted some shoes my other offspring would enjoy wearing. As I picked up the shoes, I felt a tug on my neck. Originally I thought it was my purse strap brushing against my neck. I went to rub at and adjust the strap. I took my hand away and felt a horrible pain in my neck. I looked into my hand and there sitting annoyed, was this Yellowjacket hornet. Horrors, how could I have gotten stung? I did not provoke the thing. Actually I never even seen it coming. It was just there. Immediately I told my offspring to stay put and watch our items while I went to the restroom to cleanse the stung area.

After washing up, I sure stayed away from that shoe section like the plague. I think the last time I got stung was on the hand from a bumblebee. I was twelve. I was at my cousins house and she told me to rub onion on the sting and the juice would take the sting away. What did my cousin know? The sting didn't go away and it still hurt alot!