Friday, June 27, 2008


I have been “surfing” around HubPages this morning. It is quite really an interesting site.
It is a site where one can write freely on any topic one chooses. The benefits of HubPages are as follows:

· Articles are posted to the left with relevant ads
· Pics. and other items appear with the articles
· Profile blurb on the right
· Tags box underneath
· Related Hubs below this
· Comments section at the bottom of the page
· Lots of white space
· Very easy to use
· All browsing and signing up at the top of page
· It’s free

Some of the topic items or headings are as follows:

· Children
· Food
· Music
· Recipe
· How
· Health

One can earn money writing for this site. I read somewhere that this site pays $25.00 - $45.00 per article and the writer can also earn ad revenue. It looks to me as a very promising site so therefore in the next day or two I think I will sign up. One can get good writing exposure here and make new friends/contacts.

The URL is HubPages


HubPages said...

Hi Michelle!

I'm so glad you like our site. Just wanted to clarify about the $25 per article you mentioned. This is part of the Flagship Hubs program, which is open to established Hubbers who've written a minimum of 5 high-quality, non-promotional Hubs. For those accepted into the program, we will pay $25 for each hub on an approved topic that incorporates a certain number of words and other elements such as videos, pictures, and links, and an additional $10 bonus for any such Hub that attracts at least 10 views from 10 separate sources on the web within the first 30 days after publication.

We're having a lot of success with this program, and so are our authors. Once you'd established yourself in the community, I hope you'll consider applying!

Thanks again for the positive mention. I look forward to seeing you around the site soon.

Maddie Ruud
Community Manager

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't touch it for any money.
See the warnings re Maddie Ruud what is all that about. Very derogatory remarks, ie lying dangerous Bastard.
Not nice wonder what that is about see Hubpages BEWARE