Monday, May 12, 2008


One name. Susan Gregg. She is a talented awesome lady. Awhile back when I was searching to post interesting items on another Piczo site I operate besides Island Whispers, I found Susan's site. I was searching for healing items and found it at her site. I looked around her site and signed up to receive her newsletter and daily inspirational emails. I'm glad I did for the emails prompted me to write more seriously. If you haven't yet heard of Dr. Susan Gregg, then I encourage you to take a peek at her site: Susan has a nice yellow friendly inviting homepage. Dr. Susan Gregg is based in Kurtistown, Hawaii. She has books, articles, classes, tapes, cd's, links, photos, workshops, and etc. She is a teacher, blogger, author, healer, and meditater. Her blog can be found at!