Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Ursi's Eso Garden Your Competent Esoteric Guide" Heads Up

When I was searching for some paranormal info. I came across "Ursi's Eso Garden Your Competent Esoteric Guide." This is the first blog I ever found. It captured my attention immediately. Ursi's blog is green with pink highlights. The header picture is of a beautiful pink flower. On this particular blog there are such topics as "Angels & Heaven" right down to "Yoga & Fitness." This blog is highly packed with interesting info. Other features include videos, links, poetry, articles, pictures, amazing art, and a whole lot of other features. Ursi has very regular posts.

You may find the link here: http://www.eso-garden.com/
Ursi also has another blog titled "Ursi's Blog Fine Things For Your Delight" This blog is dressed in white and blue and has water droplets for the header picture. It runs along the same lines as the first blog. This blog is an extensive collection of general knowledge material.

You may find the link here: http://www.ursispaltenstein.ch/blog/
I enjoy the fact that both blogs use calming colors and have so much to offer.

Just thought I'd share my two favourite blogs with you.


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